imgNo matter if you are a woodworker or a professional contractor, the best framing naile will save your time and energy. By removing the necessary to hammer by hand. Now can improve the quality of your work and complete your project efficiently. We are here to help you to choose the best framing nailer for your framing project. If have never used or purchased a framing nailer you may be not sure about feature of framing nailer or how to get framing nailer. That’s why  here we will explain some of the best framing nailer on the market to help you find the best nail gun for your budget and needs
What is framing nailer?

A framing nailer is model of air gun. All nailer guns are modeled to make the carpenter’s job easier instead of hammer.

For large project framing nailer gins are the best. Because it’s more quick than hammer it’s saves your time, energy and easy to use.

Why you will choose nailer gun for your framing job?

You will understand the value of having a reliable, high quality framing nailer on your job, if you are a handyman or contractor.

And a married man probably familiar with those words “babe do that project, babe repair the deck, fix the siding, tote that limber, put up a fence” etc.

But will you going to use hammer for all this work?

Answer is no.. because you have easier way to do this work by framing nailer. If you use hammer on your framing job its take too time and energy to finish your job. So get a framing nailer for your framing job save your time energy and keep safe your arms from risk.

Feature of framing nailer: Here is some feature to select a framing nailer which will work best for your project that will make the work easier and efficient.

Durabillty: Before buying framing nailer first check what kind of metal used in the body making because its depend durability of you framing nialer. Magnesium body its makes nailer lightweight and durable.

Exhaust system: Directional exhaust system allow to channel the tools. If you are working in a dusty are this feature is valuable. There is some framing nailers exhaust system necessary special tools for adjustment, while others are tool free.

Depth Adjustment: Depth adjustment will let you control how far the tool drive into the work surface. There is some framing nailer which require tools for the depth adjustment, while other nail gin adjust by hand.

Trigger: You need to choose large trigger nail gun. Large trigger make easier to operate the tool with gloved finger.

Protective guards: Protective guards will protect you from nail flying debris. If you are using metal nail then protective guards is the most important because metal nail as the kicked-back debris can damage your eyes or tool. Guards can wear out with use, so look for ones that you can easily replace.

Nail type and Magazine: Choose a framing nailer which is accept various size and type of nails. Choose high capacity magazine nail gun for your long time project.

Type of framing nailer:

Nailers are available in coil and strip style.

Coil-style: nailers use long, flexible strings of nails joined with wires. A round magazine on the tool stores the nails in a coil. These nailers can fit into spaces that will not accommodate many strip-style models. Coil-style nailers hold more nails than a strip-style model, which means you won’t need to reload as often.

Strip-style: nailers use nails arranged on a long, slender strip or stick that slides into an oblong magazine on the tool. Strips of paper, plastic or wire hold the nails together. This configuration distributes the weight of the nails rather than concentrating it in a roll, giving the tool better balance than a coil-style nailer.

Framing nailer are powered of two type:

Gas powered: nailers use a fuel rod and a battery to create an actual explosion which drives the nail into the wood.

Air-powered: framing nailers run off an air compressor and are better and more reliable for larger projects.

Framing Nailer Model Power source Magazine Capacity dimension Weight
BOSTITCH F21PL cordless- electric 60 Nails 23 x 16 x 6 inches 9.1 pounds
902600 CF 325 Li cordless
battery-powered 48 Nails 17 x 17 x 5 inches 7.5 pounds
FREEMAN PFR2190 air-powered 55 Nails 20 x 6.5 x 14.2 inches 8.5 pounds
NR90AE (S)
air-powered 64-70 Nails 20.8 x 4.9 x 7.5 inches 10 pounds
Freeman P4FRFNCB air-powered up to
100 Nails
23 x 9.4 x 14.8 inches 6.3 pounds
DEWALT DC618K XRP air-powered up to
120 Nails
19 x 14.8 x
7 inches
8.5 pounds
air-powered 100 Nails 16.9 x 4.8 x
15 inches
4.2 pounds


Having a perfect framing nailer gun is not easy, you need clearness, power and mobility. If you think these are all feature may not be  in just one product. However, now no more confusion about all this feature. This is no longer the case because you cam now avail of the BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer with Positive Placement Tip and Magnesium Housing.  It is designed to be two nailer’s in one without extra uses of power. its very lightweight to confirm that you don’t feel fed up after using it for few times. This is two in one framing nailer gun, allowing you to quickly switch nose pieces for framing and metal connector nails with ease. it is a very simple design that only require seconds to change how want to you use the framing nailer gun.

Nail capacity/magazine:

There are so many framing nailer guns these don’t hold enough nails. But BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer with Positive Placement Tip and Magnesium Housing, fixes these utilizing a high capacity magazine. That can hold 60 21 framing nails. Plastic collated, 2.0 to 3.5 inch or up to metal connector nail 1.5 to 2.5 inch.

Weight and dimension:

The bostich F21PL dimension is 23x16x6 inches and weight around 9.1 pounds. It has the ability of 1,050 inch-pounds driving power. At weight ratio it has got one of the best power.

Depth of drive:

It has a push button system which will allow you to change the depth of drive with ease.

Steel guard with anti-skin rubber:

The anti-skid rubber grip confirm you easy and comfortable hold. Its prevent the risk of slipping nail gun, and the steel guard gives the sturdy design.

Sequential and bump firing:

You can easily switch between the single sequential firing, its depend on you of you need to do this.

Nail type and magazine:

Its magazine can hold can hold 60 plastic collated 21 degree framing nails 2.0-3.5 inch, or 60 metal connector nails 1.5-2.5 inch.


   The BOSTICH F21PL has the power to drive nail as deep as 3.5 inches into very hard wood

   The push button depth adjustment is a good innovation which is very easy to use.

   Probably the best in class for its power to weight ratio.

   Can be use as multipurpose tool its pretty light for its size.


⚠   According to few user the spring in the nosepiece get caught and flying of in some situations.

⚠   Difficult to use in narrow and small spaces due to the large of the piston.

⚠   Comes with plastic hook and not a metal one.


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 Paslode 902600 CF 325 Li cordless


Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium Ion CordlessAre you looking framing nailer which portable freedom on the jobsite without hoses or compressors ?

Here is Paslode 902600 CF 325 Li Li-ion cordless framing nailer for you .It’s drives up to 6,000 nail per charge at the most positive site of Paslode 902600 CF 325 Li cordless is take one hour for full charge and two minutes quick charge will let you drive up to 200 nails.It’s can sink 3-1/4 inch nail into laminated veneer lumber pressure-treated wood in less than a second and it can drive 2 or 3 nails per second.

Dimension and weight:

The measurement of this framing nailer is 13.5×4.5×14.5 inches, and the weight is 7.5 pounds. Its quite comparable to the pneumatic models.

Depth adjustment:

The depth adjustment facility has given on the fly for this framing nailer making easy to adjust how the deep the nail goes. It has 30 degree nail angle it can toe -nail at any angle depth adjustment is tool-free you can also done by wearing gloves. And has a nail lockout system to stop blank fires.

Power source:

Its power source is rechargeable lithium ion battery which comes with along with framing nailer. You can fully charge it with in one hour, it can drive 6000 nails one time fully charged battery.

Nail type:

Its from 2 inched to 3-1/1 in a strip form are accepted in this model.


You will get it with a case with complete kit which includes one active and one spare battery, an allen key, charger and warranty card (paslode provides you one year no question ask warranty)


 Lightweight and cordless .Good to be free from the carrying compressors everywhere.

  More battery life,two minutes of charging is enough for drive nails.

  battery standby system that will let you save the battery charge.

  It’s durable , perfect for all kind of outdoor and indoor jobs.

  It’s magazine quite smooth you can easily load the magazine.

  It comes with a case.The case has compartment for everything from battery to charger even safety goggles.


⚠  Depth setting is needed too many times for different material.

⚠  Ear buds are necessary while working with this, because its too noisy.

⚠  Difficult precise shot.


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Freeman PFR2190
Now your framing job become easier with FREEMAN PFR2190 full head 21 degree pneumatic framing nailer. Now you can complete your various job, Like roofing, siding, fencing, flooring and sheathing easily also safely with this portable framing nailer. With this nailer you can drive the nailer 2 to 3-1/2 inches. It’s die -cast magnesium is solid and durable to make it long lasting. it’s the lighter version of framing nailer in the pneumatic class. So it’s easily transportable.

It has anodized aluminium cylinder and magazine along with lightweight magnesium body, Which one gives it a beautiful look and sturdy design. A plastic case is provided along with it for the easy and safe storehouse of the nail gun. And seven years limited warranty by FREEMAN.

Dimension and weight:

Its size might seem a bit small, the dimension of Freeman PFR2190 is 20×6.5×14.2 inches its an ace in case of framing work. And its weight around 14.5 pounds which is not so much heavy for your framing job.

Depth of drive:

This framing nailer can drive a comfortable nail into the frame about 31/2 inches deep inside. This nail has quite effective range and good for framing job with most compatible materials.

Depth adjustment:

You can easily adjust depth of nails by it’s 360 degree compatible exhaust port, That will help you to throw the year at you desired guidance.

Power and precision:

The 21 degree full head and no-mar padding allows you for precision nailing while also protecting the work surface from damage in the process.

Its very dependable, you feel comfortable getting this framing nailer to any framing job. you don’t have to worry about jamming because its never jam and always nails to be push flush into the surface.


To finishing your project quickly it has double trigger option, So you can easily convert from single shots to continuous firing nails.

  • Single firing
  • Contact firing


  Affordable price and beautiful look.

  Different kind of firing option which will save your time.

 Durable, its magnesium body, anodized aluminium magazine and cylinder has the capability to go on far years without any tear.

 The 360 degree exhaust will confirm you that moisture spots in the wood.

 Precision and accurency , you don’t have tension about jam or misfiring in the gun.


⚠   It does not fire the last three four nails, the firing will start again when you reload the magazine.

⚠   In changeability switch.

⚠   Heavy weight , its heavier for long use.


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Hitachi NR90AE(S)

Regarding the construction tools especially framing nailer is very tough competition in today’s market. In this tough market Hitachi brings you a durable and efficient framing nailer, Hitach NR90AE S 3-1/2″ plastic collated full head framing nailer. The weight and power of the pneumatic makes it and ideal round head framing nailer. You can drive nails for long hours without getting over heated. From professionals it is suitable framing nailer for all categories users.

Dimension and weight:

The Hitachi NR90AE (s) dimension are 20.8×4.9×7.5 inches. This framing nailer will satisfied you by the portability it’s only about 7.5 pounds you can easily move here and there.

Depth adjustment:

It’s furnished with a tool-less depth adjustment dial to the trigger.


It’s magazine made of anodized aluminium,it has the capacity of holding 64-70 nails.

Types of nails:

It avail plastic collated nails of 2 to 3-1/2 inches.


Elastomeric grip which is not slippery, it’s provided you a strong and comfortable grip design it’s use.

Power of source:

An air powered plastic collated having an operating pressure of 70 to 120 PSI.


  The advance design on the actuation switch makes any transition between sequantial and contact nailing easily.

  It comes with a hardened clow tip that reduces any kind of wear on the nose the chances of slippage.

  The durability is guaranteed by the steel toe nail and the two pieces of aluminium magazine.

  It comes equipped with an elastomaric grip trigger that protect you from any kind of slipping while using.

  It has 5 years of warranty by Hitachi.


⚠   When use in the sequential mood, some of the nails may not go in completely and will require to use hammer.

⚠   The nailer tends to get jammed when used intense heat, especially outdoor.

⚠   Thought its work great with bigger nails if tends to jam a lot when used on thinner nails.


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 Freeman P4FRNCB

Freeman P4FRFNCB

Every professional contractor wants a perfect combo kits which will help them to all the framing work. Freeman brings a framing nailer in the market freeman P4FRFNCB framer/finishing combo. Everything you will need done by this framing nailer and finishing can be complete with this kit as follows:

  •  A 34 degree, 15 guage angle finishing nailer.
  •  A 21 degree full head nailer.
  • A 1-1/4 degree 18 guage brad nailer.
  •  And a 1 and 1/4 18 guage narrow crown stapler.

Weight and dimension:

The whole Freeman P4FRFNCB pack, signification the bag measure 23×9.4×14.8 inches. Including total tools its weight 25.4 pounds. This makes for very easy carry even if you are traveling by foot.


This framoing nailer can hold up to 55 nails, while the other theree nailers magazine can hold up to 100 nails. This in turn mean less stops to reload and higher efficiency, especially when going through faster work.


For high durability and lightweight their magazine and cylinder made of anodized aluminium. These framing nailers are fitted with teflon made 0-rings which in time means less wear.


These framing nailers are fitted with quick mechanism which minimize downtime in case of any nails getting jammed.


The Freeman P4FRFNCB comes with 7 years warranty by Freeman.


  This combo kit is best for professional contractor you cand finish your big project with combo kit without any probelms.

  Its 34 degrees angled nailer, that means you can get it all those tight spots and it works.

  This framing nailer uses compresses air at about 120 psi while the others use only about 70 psi.


⚠  The finish nailer comes with a black rubber tip.

⚠  Depth dialer it is not very sensetive so getting a precision setting might be a little hard.

⚠  It has misfire problem, however in this case the nails need to be re-arranged a little and its back to work.


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The DEWALT DC618K XRP using this compact and portable framing nailer, you can drive nails up to five nails per second. Unlike other pneumatic framing nailer you will not have to buy a compressor to drive this nail gun and you will not have to trouble of lugging around and air hose. Its a good framing nailer for trim carpenters, cabinet making, hardwood flooring light woodworking and the such it. To fit into tight spaces it has a arrow nose and an angled magazine. It has a integrated LED light to avoid problems in dark place. It has two type o operate system –

  • Sequential: which is for one-by-one nailing.
  • Bump firing: Its allows you high speed continuous nailing for faster your work.

This framing nailer is powered bay 18 volt rechargeable battery and 16 guage finish nail with ease.

Weight and dimension:

This framing nailer is not so much heavy its only 8.5 pounds, and the dimension are 12.5×4.8 inches this nailer is good for small spaces.

Depth adjustment:

Its accurate electronic depth adjustment. A 6 position selectable dial will let you choose a preset depth and switch between project except the need of manually adjust how the nailer drives faster. 1-6 range, for clearing jam a swing nosepieces.

Power source:

Its comes with a 18 volt rechargeable battery, the battery full charged with in one hour.

You can drive 5000 nails in one time full charge.


This framing nailer comes with  a 20 degree angled magazine. Rear load magazine will let you loading styles which provides versatility to compromise the end users preference. The magazine can hold up to 120 nails and will accept DEWALT and PASLODE 20 degree nails.


Dewalt DC618K comes with a case included with charger, reversible belt, safety glasses.


  Its lightweight and easy to use in small spaces.

  16 guage nailer with 6 position dial to quickly select from preset depth setting.

  LED light system to do accurately your project in the dark.

  90 days money back guarantee, 2 years free service on batteries and 3 year limited warranty 1 year free service contract.


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Hitachi NT65MA4The hitachi NT65MA is manufactured with a completely tool-less design. Its shoots 15 guage angled fastners.This framing nailer offer you a lot of awesome feature in incradible price. Its pneumatic powerd nailer is powerful enough to tackle any framing job.

Weight and dimension:

The dimension of this framing nailer is 13.56×3.25×12 inches, and the weight is 4.2 pouds which perfectly lightweight.

Adjustable exhaust:

It has designed with 360 degrees fully adjustable exhaust that can be directed away from the user.This is done to confirm that air exhaust, debris and oil are avoided.


It is extramly lightweight, and its not large in size. Its not depend on a permanent power source or anything that limit is portibility.

Ease of use:

This framing nailer is easy to use and it comes with a owners manual for consulted use and maintenance’s. Its handles make it easier to drive the nail the user does not strain when using framing nailer easing faigue.


This framing nailer has a capacity of driving in more than 1000 nails before any matainance is checked. Its based on aire powered which make it simple to move with.


  Its lightweight, portable and easier to use.

  Hitachi provides you a case with this nailer which is included with safety glasses, air fitting, no-mar tip.

 Rubber grip adds comfort and secure hold.

  5 Years standard warranty by Hitachi.


⚠  Its costly as compared to other framing nailer with same capability.

⚠  This nailer is not comfortable for small scale job.

⚠  To avoid future problem its requires regular maintenance and checking.


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The Porter Cable FR350B is pneumatic framing nailer. This framing nailer is lightweight and powerful. This nailer packed with abundant of awesome features. Contractor and homeowner should try this framing nailer. Choosing the Porter Cable FR350B is the great choice for the both DIY homeowner and professionals alike. Drive a 3.5X0.131 inches into the hardest lumber this framing nailer can get the job done easily, whether you are hanging shelving in the garage, building a deck or building a house.

Weight And Dimension:

Sizes of this framing nailer are in length 21.65 inches 14.76 in height and 5 inches width. The total weight of this framing nailer is 7.3 pounds. This nailer little bigger than other in the market it is the lightest framing nailer so it can easily use by anyone.

Drive Depth Adjustment:

This nailers drive depth is tool free it can adjust without the need of any tools. making this very user friendly.

Pneumatic Nailer:

This is a pneumatic nailer which means this framing nailer is powered by air. To operate this nailer you will need an air compressor but this nailer will allow you to continuously use the tool without having worry about recharging or refueling.

Reload Alert System

This framing nailer comes with a new feature which is called “low nail lockout” means it tells the users when they need to reload the magazine. This feature is super useful especially when you are working away from your nails stock.

Magazine And Nail Type:

The Porter Cable FR350B framing nailer can hold up to 60 nails. And its work with nails for 2.5 inches up to 3 inches.


This nailer is lightweight only 7.3 pounds in weight.

Its comes with a grip handle its comfortable and feels great in hand.

You don’t have to worry about jamming cause this framing nailer is jam free.

To avoid the risk of misfiring it has trigger lock system.


⚠ Although the manufacturer announce that this framing nailer works with 22 inches degrees collated nails but actually works with 21 inches nails.

⚠ This nailer is not so much heavy but its rather large framing nailer volume-wise especially its length bothers a lot.

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